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September 2023 – It’s Fall Y’all!

Message From Stoney

Stoney Petit

This past Saturday was the official first day of Fall. Although, as I write this, we haven’t experienced what I would call the first “cold front” in our area, the cooler mornings and the heat of the afternoons only reaching the mid 90’s, sure beats the heck out of the string of triple digit weather we went through this summer.

And, I was lucky enough to get to experience some real fall temperatures at a meeting in Anacortes Washington this past week.

We have posted pictures on social media from our meetings of the NAHB Builder 20 program over the years, but I wanted to take a moment to tell you about this group I am honored to be a part of. The Custom Builder Alliance, club # 51, is a group of builders from all over the country. There are approximately 20 of us. We all have businesses with approximately the same number of employees, doing about the same amount of revenue, building high end custom homes. We are not in the same market, so we do not compete with each other. Instead, we act as each other’s board of directors and help lift each other up to run better businesses and build better homes. This meeting marked my 10th year and 20th meeting in the program. I was also lucky enough to have Adam along for his 3rd meeting and I am excited to see him start to gain some value out of the group too.

10 years ago at my first meeting, the group told me that if I could not yet build a house without chronic warranty issues, then that was the first thing I needed to learn how to do before I could learn anything else about custom home building. This is when I started exploring better building systems and why we landed on the 98% tight envelope Anderson Homes builds as a standard today. I want to emphasize that this was the most basic thing I had to do in this group, yet, this one thing still sets Anderson Homes apart from all of the other builders in our market place who continue to only build to a minimum code compliance. We have now been building our houses to this elevated standard for several years and Anderson Homes continues to work at adding to our skill set to be the leader in custom home building in Southeast Texas.

The Custom Builder Alliance has taught me many other aspects of high end custom home building, beyond the actual construction, that may be typical in other parts of the country, but not common practice in our’s. Through this group, we work on setting bench marks for each other in hiring, business culture, scheduling, budgeting, project management, customer service, gross and net profit. Being a member of this club lets me know what is expected among the top custom home builders in the country, not just what is accepted in our area. And, it is to this national standard that Anderson Homes hopes to live up to on our projects each day.

The last thing I want to tell you about Club # 51 are the members in it. These guys have become like family to me. We all have our strong suits and the members serve as roll models to each other in how we run our businesses, how we treat our employees, trade partners, clients, families, and what it takes to be leaders to the people that depend on us. Each time I come home from one of these meetings, I am filled with a new sense of purpose to make Anderson Homes the best that it can be and my hope is that it is reflected in the homes that we build.

Here is to some cooler weather and new custom houses!

– Stoney Petit

Business Development

Anderson Homes is currently looking for a new project for the first of 2024. If you know anyone thinking about a large custom residential project, we would love to speak with them. Looking to start a project but not during this timeframe? It’s never too early to start the design process, so give us a call today!

Community Involvement

Join us on October 21st for the 6th annual Hogs & Strings event! This cook-off and music fest benefits wounded veterans and children with disabilities, so come out and enjoy some delicious BBQ and great music for an even better cause. For more information or to purchase tickets, click here! We can’t wait to see you there!

Employee Spotlight

Adam Farnie

Adam Farnie has been with Anderson Homes since 2009. He has advanced from assistant project manager, to project manager, to production manager, and is now part owner and general manager. Anderson Homes would not be able to produce the high-level projects we continue to achieve without his guiding hand. Adam shines as a focus driven leader with our trade partners and our employees. He also manages to keep our projects fun and efficient with both our customers and team. Adam is a true asset to the Anderson Home’s team and we are very lucky to have him onboard.

Social Media Spotlight


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Here is our spec house we have for sale in Lumberton and the buyer’s incentive we are offering.

Located on the corner of Forest Road and Pine Burr, it is rare to find lots this size in the heart of Lumberton.

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