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November 2023 – Holiday Season Newsletter – Thankful!!!

Message From Stoney

Stoney Petit

I’ve been saying it for a couple of months now, but if this newsletter centers around being thankful, thank the lord the hot weather we experienced this summer is over! Not only was this summer particularly hot for an extended period of time, but I think my age has creeped up on me and I don’t handle the heat as well as I used to.

We are now well into November and a couple of fronts have pushed through. As a matter of fact, a few weekends ago, after the kids’ last soccer game of the season, we had a couple families over and had our first fire of the Fall in the fire pit. The cooler weather also has Ellen and the girls decorating the house for the holiday season.

With Thanksgiving here, I’m feeling very appreciative. I may be getting older but it’s better than the alternative! Having friends over to enjoy a fire is why we built the firepit in our new home in the first place. And, I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for my wife and two daughters.

Other things I am especially thankful for are the people I work with and the customers we work for. Our Anderson Homes and Anderson Artisans teams have been working very hard to bring several big projects to completion. This is a part of the project where there is a lot of pressure to make sure all the parts and pieces of the puzzle we have been working on for a year or more, come together perfectly, like the one pictured here.

On the other side of the equation, our customers have been great to work with as they make plans to move in. When it all goes right, it’s like the crescendo of an orchestra music piece or the final approach to land the plane after a long transatlantic flight! Finishing a project is rewarding for us and the realization of a dream that has come to fruition for our customers. We are blessed to have some of the best!!!

– Stoney Petit

Business Development

I had lunch last week with a lender friend of mine. He made an interesting point about the slow down in the housing market. Existing homeowners hopefully took advantage of the low mortgage interest rates before they started rising, when the rates were less than 3%. Now we are all sitting on these really low interest rates that we don’t want to give up by taking on a new mortgage in today’s market. And with good reason!

If you have made the decision to stay in your current home for the foreseeable future, let’s invest in it, and your quality of life, by renovating, remodeling, or adding on. As much as we would like to hope, I think the elevated building costs are here to stay. And construction will only get more expensive in the future. Invest in your home now, keep your existing first mortgage rate and refinance the new project, if needed, when rates drop again!

Anderson Homes can price out different parts of the project separately so that you can make a decision on what’s a priority and what may cost more than it’s worth. Make a wish list, give Anderson Homes a call, and let’s discuss it! 

Community Involvement

I was honored to recently be on the Pursuit of Purpose podcast. It was a very rewarding experience! In preparation for being on the podcast, I listened to some of the other episodes as well. I heard some amazing stories by some resilient, purpose driven people, in our community, and was proud to be considered in the same club.

“Club” is then exactly what I discussed with Robby Martin, one of the hosts of the podcast. What if we formed a Club of the people that have been on the podcast with the goal of giving back, one of the missions of Pursuit of Purpose?

Robby has a 501C3 set up to provide vocational school scholarships. The “Club” is still in the conceptual stage but what a great idea! I’ll keep everyone posted as it hopefully forms into a philanthropy. And I highly recommend watching/ listening to a few episodes of The Pursuit of Purpose. It highlights business people in our community that are committed to operating with integrity.

Employee Spotlight

Adam FarnieI’ve know Adam Farnie since he was in the 6th grade. His older brother Ryan and I were best friends in Highschool, so I had the opportunity to watch Adam grow up. When I moved back to Beaumont in 2001, Adam helped me remodel my first house on Briarcliff and then we became roommates.

I had just started working for Ronnie and at the time, Anderson Construction was a 3 person show. Adam was working for Texas Marine selling boats. But, it wasn’t long before Anderson Construction out-grew it’s 3 employees and I convinced Ronnie that we needed to bring Adam on as a 4th employee.

When I became a partner in 2008 and Anderson Construction changed to Anderson Homes, both Ronnie and I treated the relationship like it was family. Ronnie’s grandfather started the business in 1946. It was then handed down to Ronnie’s Dad, and then Ronnie. Ronnie and I felt that me becoming a partner was the 4th generation of the same business.

Adam is now my partner and we have entered the next iteration of Anderson Homes. Not only do I feel like Adam is a little brother to me, but I’m lucky to have such a capable person to help run Anderson Homes.

Adam is the General Manager at Anderson Homes. He is in charge of all projects that have a signed contract and are now under construction. You will see him out on the job sites as he manages the project managers and works with our customers to make their vision become a reality. I see him in the office, working long hours, to insure that no detail is overlooked.

To wrap up this newsletter dedicated to gratitude, I could not think of a better way to end it, than to highlight Adam. His work ethic and integrity make me proud to have him as a partner, so that together, we can carry on the legacy of a 78 year old business!

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