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August 2023 – Back To School We Go!

Message From Stoney

Well, as I’m writing this, Ellen and I just dropped our daughters off for the first day of school. I can’t believe summer is already over.

Aside, from reflecting on another school year, how old our kids are getting (1st and 4th grades!), and what a great summer we had, our routine (or lack there of) over the last couple of months abruptly came to a halt this morning, and it has me reflecting on home design, of all things.

I’d like to tell you that we have been practicing our school routine of going to bed early, and waking up early, for weeks, so that this morning would not have been so chaotic. But, the truth is, that we sprinted around 3rd base for the last couple of weeks, and slid head first into the first day of school. This morning, I would have expected a lot of “where did I put this?” And “I can’t find that!” This was the first, “First Day of School”, our new house had seen. But, it actually went fairly smoothly for our lack of preparation.

I attribute not being tardy on our first day, partly to the design of our home. Building a custom home means you get to design a place for everything. So, there was no looking for the lunch kits. They were in the lunch kit drawer in our kitchen. We didn’t have to figure out where the girls’ shoes or uniforms were. There is a space designated for these in their closets. I was able to make a quick smoothie because our blender lives on a shelf in the pantry, plugged in and ready to go, with our other small appliances.

Building a custom home should be about how you live. I’ve given our design team many accolades in this newsletter. But, here is another one. The design of our home, thanks in no small part to our team, performed incredibly this morning. The house fits the way we want to live. And, this should be true for everyone that builds their custom home.

Of course, the other reason we were not late today, is because Ellen was cracking the whip, urging us along. I think she is looking forward to a little peace and quiet at the house! And, well deserved too!

If you, or anyone you know, is looking for a designated spot for all of their stuff, please give Anderson Homes a call for any new construction, additions, and remodeling. We are currently looking to fill openings at the end of this year and for the first quarter of next year. Now, how many days is it until Thanksgiving Break?

-Stoney Petit

Community Involvement

Anderson Homes is excited to be a sponsor of St. Anne’s 45th Annual Halloween Carnival on October 28th. The theme is “Dia De Los Muertos,” but Wildcat style! Sponsorship opportunities are still available, so if you or someone you know has a business and would like to be a sponsor alongside us, click here to learn more. The event will take place at St. Anne’s on October 28th from 11-4, but many more details are still to come. Keep an eye out for updates via the St. Anne Catholic School’s Facebook event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Business Development

Everyone remembers Red Adair as the founding member of the locally owned, but world renowned, Boots and Coots, who took part in extinguishing the oil well fires in Kuwait set by retreating Iraqi troops after the Gulf War in 1991.

At Anderson Homes, hopefully we aren’t making decisions with life threatening ramifications. However, we believe that Red’s famous quote holds true in our industry as well.  Call Anderson Homes to work with the most experienced professionals in the area for your custom home, additions and remodeling needs, and learn why Anderson Homes is the most capable  Homebuilder in the area.

Employee Spotlight

After almost a decade at Exxon Mobil, managing contractors on big industrial projects, Zach Robbins decided to try his hand at residential construction. Anderson Homes has been reaping the benefits of Zach’s expertise in project and relationship management, ever since. Attending an on site meeting, on a project, with the home owner and a trade partner, it’s easy to observe what Zach brings to the table. His easy going manner, ability to see the big picture, and the steps it will take to put the ball over the goal line, make Zach a giant asset on his projects. Additionally, he’s probably made some humorous observation, that will have everyone lucky enough to attend the meeting, smiling for the rest of the day. Exxon Mobil’s loss, has undeniably been Anderson Homes’ gain. We are grateful to have him as part of the team!

Social Media Spotlight

St. Anne Catholic School: @stannebmt


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Here is our spec house we have for sale in Lumberton and the buyer’s incentive we are offering.

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