Anderson Homes

Hey Guys

 I hope this email finds you and your Families happy and healthy. 

 As I think you know Kathy and I moved to Austin this past August.

We have been building a new home and wanted to get here a few months prior to its completion. Without boring you with all of the struggles, frustrations, and even anxiety we have experienced over this project I simply want to say Thank You. Thank you for good communication, honesty, integrity, quality processes, quality work, quality subs, and a near perfect experience while building our 2 homes with Anderson. You see, we never realized what we had. We took you guys and your work for granted. We have had the experience here in Austin that we have always heard other people complain about when building a home but never experienced ourselves. Until now.

 I have to admit you were under appreciated before. But never again.

 Keep building good homes for people and making their experience one of happiness and excitement.

 Merry Christmas to you and your Families.

Stoney we really enjoy the letters you send out.

 Bill Falkenhagen 


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