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Dear Stoney,

It’s been a month now since we moved into our new home and I wanted to express some gratitude to you and your wonderful team of home building experts.  As I have told you many times, our experience with Anderson Homes has been so much different that what we see and hear from other people who have contracted to build a home.  I remember that first day we met in your office to discuss our concept and the Anderson Homes process.   Your integrity was demonstrated in that first meeting when you made sure we understood the true cost of building a home, knowing  the risk of us moving on to someone who might not be as forthcoming in the interest of getting the contract.  They say leadership starts at the top and this is so true as all of the Anderson associates exhibit this same integrity every day.  I could go on and on about each step of the process, but I chose to focus on day one because the entire experience was reflective of the initial encounter.  Strong and consistent honesty and integrity in every step and on each and every day.  It is my belief that is what drove the results that we achieved on our project.  Starting with known true costs (no surprises), adherence to an aggressive schedule, quality of materials, quality of workmanship as well as cost control and an insurance of quality through robust inspections.  This was truly a pursuit of excellence that was fostered by the way that the Anderson Homes team operates on a daily basis.

I will say a few things about what we learned as we participated in the project.  Neither Stephanie or I have ever built a new home so this was a substantial learning experience.  We had so many questions and you and your team never lost patience and always took whatever time it required to ensure that we understood everything.   One thing that we didn’t quite grasp was the just how much different the construction materials and building techniques differed from other homes being built today.  You informed us in the beginning and the Anderson website highlights these differences, but it wasn’t until I was able to see these differences with my own eyes that I truly understood and appreciated the contrast and value added to our home.  It is truly a green home!

So let me tell you about what it is like living in our new home so far.  For starters, it is remarkable that the finished product is almost perfectly reflective of what we had envisioned.  We always hear that there will be several things that you wished you had done differently after the home is completed.  I can honestly say that is not true in our case.   We feel that because of the Anderson design process we were able to find and correct all of the problem areas that might have gone unnoticed until construction began.  This was one of the reasons that we remained within the original budget (true costs – no surprises).  So we did not and do not have any lost wishes in this home.  Everything is perfect for us.  Stephanie and I have spent idle time in every room and space in the house, just talking about her vision for decorating.  What we have  discovered is that in our minds this house is  pleasurable and comfortable no matter which space you are in.  We even stand in the pantry sometimes just to talk! 

It is true that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Stephanie and I both think that this is the most beautiful house that could have possibly been built for us.  We are so thankful that we chose your company to be our partner for this once in our lifetime project.  You and your team treat us like family.  Like you care about us in every way possible, care about costs, care about quality, care about our long term relationship.   Like family.  That is how we feel about all of you great people at Anderson Homes, family.


Steve Brisendine

Proud Anderson Homes Homeowner


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